Saturday, January 17, 2009

You're no Abraham Lincoln

The nation is all agog at Obama’s whistle-stop grand entrance, “Just like Abraham Lincoln.” Well, not exactly. Lincoln did not arrive in Washington a week earlier, settle his family, attend meetings, then STAGE A GRAND ENTRANCE into Washington.

You see, unlike Obama, Lincoln was not full of himself. In fact, Lincoln was humble and not at all sure of his ability to bring the country together in the midst of a moral and economic crisis.

Abe Lincoln was just trying to get to Washington.

But this isn’t Obama’s first publicity stunt. We all recall his European tour…and his giant victory party in Chicago. No sir, this is one president who is sure that America wants to celebrate with him that they were savvy enough to elect him as president.

But it is all hype, all hollow.

For example, Obama walked a day in the shoes of a union member. (That’s the SEIU, the same union caught on tape negotiating with Blago for Valerie Jarrett.)

Check out these photos of the event.

Here we have Obama doing the laundry, except the washing machine is EMPTY. And here he is moping the floor. Do you see any soap? Or any water for that matter? No. If photo ops and concerts can cure America’s ills, then we’ve got a winner. But if we need someone who can be an executive and preside over a government that is too big and too involved in our lives, then maybe not so much.

I fear that his plans are to bluff his way through, to get us all feeling good and running up the credit cards again. And this attitude, based on fantasy, will create a deeper crisis and a more traumatic fall.

Clinton had his dot-com. Bush had his Fannie Mae. In the end they were the result of pretending to have prosperity without a viable business plan. Reality always catches up with us.

And from what I can see, Obama and reality are total strangers.

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