Monday, January 12, 2009

Concocting Camelot

We're all a bit amused that the President-elect has been so visible. He is holding press conferences almost daily and making comments about this-and-that, as though he were already in office. It is unprecedented.

Part of it is the love affair the media has had with this man. But part if it is that what Obama has sold us is perception. He's inviting America to take on a new attitude. Much like a preacher he is working us up to believe in the miracle.

It isn't far different from the way Clinton perceived the role of president. He was cheerleader-in-chief, telling us what the polls said we wanted to hear. Spend money. Ride the wave of the future in the dot-com economy.

Well, that isn't exactly the type of president we really need. And it isn't 1960 either. The news is tougher and the president's life is far more open to the public than it was during Camelot 1. There will be no sneaking Marilyn Monroe into this White House. No drugs. No nude swim parties.
And we'll see how quickly the daily appearances fall off the table once he is in office.

But if he can get us to believe we can fly, just maybe we'll get to Neverland and won't ever need to grow up.

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