Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 111th

The 111th Congress is already hard at work, trying to outperform the 110th on approval ratings. And it looks like that number might actually go negative for the first time in history (single digits aren't good enough for this bunch).

Exhibit A - Roland Burris. Now that Harry and Dick have blessed the man, he can take his seat among the senators. (By the way, a good friend asked a very valid question yesterday: What constitutional authority do Reid and Durbin have for dabbling in this affair in the first place?)

Exhibit B - Caroline Kennedy.

Exhibit C - Al Franken.

Exhibit D - Feinstein and the Leon Panetta show. Obama is calling Republican Congressmen in Florida to congratulate them but can't pick up the phone to warn Feinstein about the CIA pick? I'm not sure who to blame here.

Speaking of approval ratings, what's the cumulative total in this photo?


Bush: Current 27, lowest 19

Clinton: Ending 68, lowest 36

Bush "41": Ending 56, lowest 29

Carter: Ending 34, lowest 28

Obama: 65% think he will be a good president, according to a Gallup Poll right after the election. (I will not saddle him with the low marks of the Senate in general.)

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