Saturday, January 10, 2009

The latest on Roland Burris

Here's where we are on filling Obama's vacant senate seat.

Blago has named Roland Burris.
Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, has refused to sign Blago's appointment letter.
The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the appointment is still valid (in the eyes of the state) without White's counter-signature.
Dick Durbin now says the Senate will not accept the appointment without White's signature.

This isn't the first time state law and federal law are at odds with one another.

If you want to see Burris, watch the movie The Fugitive. Burris is the guy on the end leading the Saint Patrick's Day parade in the street scene.

The "Day-by-day" comic strip is having some fun with Harry Reid on this Burris thing. Worth a look if you can handle the bare shoulders of some of the characters.

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