Monday, January 26, 2009

Preacher trouble

It's interesting to follow the spiritual life of the president.

For years he attended Jeremiah Wright's church.

Then a sample of Wright's sermons hit the Internet.

Obama ignored the issue for a long time but on March 18, 2008 he gave his famous speech on discrimination in America. At that time he made it clear he was not going to turn his back on Pastor Wright.

But that wasn't enough. I think that would have been the end of it if Wright had just disappeared into the woodwork. But he didn't.

Finally in May 2008 Obama threw in the towel on that church.

At about the same time Father Pfleger, a catholic priest, delivered a sermon at Wright's church. Pfleger blasted Hillary Clinton and characterized her as feeling "entitled" to the presidency.
Obama denounced that statement as well.

Then Rev. Jesse Jackson told the world on an open mic that he wanted to emasculate candidate Obama for killing his trade, speaking for black victims.

Then came the election victory. We knew all things Obama. We had photos of him buying a sandwich at a deli or getting a haircut. We learned where his suits came from and just about everything he did.

But no mention of his church attendance during the transition. He said he didn't want to disrupt a congregation like he did Wright's Trinity UCC.

Then came Rev. Rick Warren. How could he pick a man who supports traditional marriage to give the inaugural invocation? The gays were up in arms over that one.

On the other end of the teeter-totter was the benediction given by Rev. Joseph Lowery where he gets a laugh at the expense of Asians and whites.

The next morning Obama gets up and goes to church. The conservative Christians (who didn't vote for him) were pleasantly surprised. The many Baptists who DID vote for him were pleased as well.

But within hours our president would sign his name to the death warrant for thousands of additional fetuses. He will be remembered for the fact that in the first few hours of his presidency he signed orders guaranteeing the rights of terrorists in custody and denying the rights of the unborn.

We also learned that he does a good job of keeping his eyes CLOSED during the prayer.

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