Saturday, January 3, 2009

Harry thinks he can play politics

Harry Reid, the Democrat Senator from Nevada continues to think he can play politics. And he’s caught on tape with Blago talking about HIS picks for Obama’s old seat.

He told Blago he didn’t like any of the black men on the list and suggested Tammy Duckworth of Lisa Madigan. Duckworth is a demographic dream come true. She’s a woman. She’s a minority. She’s a war hero. And she lost her legs in battle. Perfect.

The part I like is that Reid reached Blago at his campaign headquarters, which means he knew where the real action is for the gov. You don’t call him at his Chicago office and you certainly don’t call him in Springfield.

You call Blago at his campaign office where he hides out. Besides, the phones are safe there…or so everyone thought.

Well, now we know how representative government really works in the USA. All sorts of interests are in play and none of them even pretend to serve the people.

If Reid ever tells you he’s serving the people remind him of his call to Blago…and his various procedural schemes calculated to end debate about immigration and pass a self-serving amnesty bill.

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