Thursday, January 15, 2009

Those stubborn stains

It’s looking more like the man from Plains, Georgia has returned to Washington when you look at the new White House staff.

Just this week the press has revealed the following about Obama’s picks:
Timothy Geithner, our Treasury Secretary-elect (er, -designate) had trouble filling out the SE (Self-Employment) form on his taxes for a couple of years. You see, he was working for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the time and the payroll was so complex. Give me a break. Sure it stinks paying the employee and employer portions of the tax when you work for yourself, but either this guy isn’t as sharp with numbers as he claims to be or he’s a thief. Either way, it smells. But the Dems are willing to overlook that because he did pay it back with interest. (It is all so Clintonesque – the sin is in getting caught!)

Eric Holder. And just today they are reporting that our future Attorney General failed to mention his ties to Blagojevich on his confirmation questionnaire. To make it all even more interesting, Holder’s ties were through the Illinois’ gambling industry.

Janet Napolitano. She’s going to head up Homeland Security. It turns out that after six years the Arizona emergency plan has some gaping holes…big enough to drive a Ryder truck through, if you know what I mean.

And those tidbits are just from this week.

What about that little discrepancy in Obama’s investigation where Rahm Emanuel had undisclosed conversations with Blago on November 1st? Speaking of Rahm, is he back from his safari yet? Strange that he’d be gone for an extended period during such a busy time.

As for the good news, it appears Hillary’s appointment to Secretary of State will be approved despite the Clinton clouds and the legality of a Senator accepting such a position.

(Will she be able to say someday, like Alexander Haig, “I’m in control here in the White House”? I certainly hope not.)

Like I said at the beginning, this Keystone Kops brand of staffing is looking like the Carter days. Does Obama have a brother named Billy?

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