Saturday, July 28, 2012

Muzzling Mitt

The news outlets seem to have found a tool to keep Romney away from any substance.  They simply take any candid remark from Mitt or his people and make it the news for 48 hours.
Like the Anglo-Saxon flap.  I'm not sure why tying America's foundation to England is so politically incorrect, but to make it into headlines seems a bit foolish to me.

Then they made Romney's comments about Olympic security problems into a major diplomatic incident.  Excuse me, but Romney had a serious bombshell dropped in his lap five months before the 2002 games.  It seems to me he is uniquely qualified to point out the elephant in the middle of the room.  After all, it was in all the papers for weeks.  Is that somehow treasonous to Brits?  It shouldn't be.

So, everything is making Mitt an offender-for-a-word to avoid any legitimate comparison to Obama or, God forbid, explore his solutions to the real problems in America.

One might think that the news outlets can only do political correctness these days.  They don't do substance.  I prefer to believe that they are campaigning for the liberals.  An attack on the minutia of the Romney campaign is effective and far easier than real reporting.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Rules were made to be broken"

How’s that for an Obama campaign slogan?

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has issued a document listing all of the Obama Administration’s efforts to sidestep the immigration laws of the United States.  They have methodically made it easier for illegal aliens to work and live in the United States, and opened up new opportunities for individual amnesty.

While Obama has been boasting about record numbers of deportations, he has actually been decimating various enforcement efforts.

For information about the FAIR report, see the link below:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who will be the Veep?

Who cares?

The Vice President is just a cipher; a place-keeper.

Worse, he/she is chosen not for their talent but for the votes they can make up.

And once chosen, they are brought into the shop, painted up, coached and told to just shut up most of the time.

Look at what they did to Sarah Palin?  She had an important position to take and they put tape over her mouth.  She was chosen as a conservative then hammered into a crash-test dummy.

We'd really like a smart, trusted adviser to the president.  Maybe someone who could temper his position.

But since these kingmakers have decided it is too risky to run someone who can think for themselves, why bother to care who they choose to manipulate?

Candidate Choices

Here we are less than four months to election day and it has come to this.

We have Obama acting all moderate these days, just like he did in 2008.  But he’s really a Social Justice candidate.  Some call him a Socialist or even a Communist, but those are just labels.  To be sure he believes in the Nanny State where government fills in all the gaps for the disadvantaged.

From free cell phones to credit card debt write-offs, he believes that society should carry the burden.  Big government programs; big taxes; deficit spending.

He started his presidency with a full-tilt campaign for progressivism.  Listen to his state of the union speeches those first couple of years.

The midterms sent him a message but it got garbled in his head and came out, “The GOP is blocking every good work of mine.”

If Obama stays in the White House you can assume that he will make some Hail Mary efforts to add more progressive programs.  He will be thwarted to a large degree by Congress if the conservative movement holds in November.

Then there is Mitt Romney.  He is no panacea.  I would expect from his rhetoric that he will NOT be a conservative president.  He’s probably along the lines of Bush 2, one of those “compassionate conservative” types.

Romney may cut back on things like Obamacare, Medicaid and Unemployment Benefits.  If the economy revives while he’s in office, he’ll enjoy a revenue boost.  Keep in mind he’s got a lot of Obama baggage to make up for and dismantling federal programs takes years.  Don’t expect any grand reversal of spending.

Best case, we’ll be back to the GWB spending days.

In summary, there is no turnaround presidential choice here.  We’ve got Social Justice vs. Status Quo. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obama wants to graduate

I was thinking yesterday that Obama is acting like a college student with his campaign.
He spent the first two years of his term monkeying around with progressive ideas.  Take a look at the things he promised in his January 2010 State of the Union address:
· New small business loans
· Small business tax credit
· No capital gains tax on small business development
· Tax incentives on plants and equipment
· Infrastructure investment
· Clean energy facilities
· Energy rebates
· Increase taxes to companies with overseas employees
· Tax breaks for US job creation
· Banking reform – inform bank customers
· Research funding
· Nuclear power plants
· Offshore drilling
· Biofuels
· Clean coal
· Climate change laws
· Increase exports
· More trade deals
· School reform
· Government college loan
· Tuition tax credits
· More Pell grants
· Limit repayment of school loans 10% 10 years
· Double child care credit
· IRAs for all
· More home refinancing
· Health care reform
· Foreign aid for AIDS
· Bioterror defense
· Civil rights prosecution
· Immigration enforcement

In his third year he started to take his work seriously.

And here he is, approaching graduation, trying to tell us what a good job he's done while blaming others (Bush, Romney, the evil GOP House, Fox News, The Tea Party, Sara Palin...anyone but himself) for his lack of results.

I certainly hope we don't allow him to graduate.