Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The pool is officially OPEN

I just read an article about President Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango. See the "Parting gift" post below for the shenanigans of the Bush administration right before the election.

Well, America's First Aunt has been classified by Immigration as a Fugitive Absconder, which means she has been through all the immigration hearings and lost her case. She was ordered deported FOUR YEARS AGO.

But like 585,000 other people she defied the order to leave the country, thus making her officially a fugitive.

Even the invitation to report for deportation without penalty didn't entice her to come forward. You remember, the Operation: Scheduled Departure campaign last summer.

Auntie Zeituni's deportation was put on hold in November and NOW she's getting a new hearing. Imagine that.

Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that if she qualifies for a new hearing, so should everyone else on the list. That's the fair thing to do, right?

This is one change in our new America that I can't believe in. In fact, it looks very much like politics as usual to me.

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