Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Praising Obama

It doesn't happen very often, but I've got kudos for President Obama.

He's made some real progress in two years.

Recall the Cambridge, Mass incident in July of 2009.  Obama quickly commented that the police officer who arrested his pal Henry Gates "acted stupidly" by demanding that Gates come out on the porch and show some ID.

Here we are in August of 2011 and Obama's uncle Omar was arrested in Framingham, Mass for drunk driving and was being held by ICE on immigration violations.

What does Obama have to say about that?  "The White House had no comment Monday."

See, the prez is learning.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whatever happened to Uncle Omar?

This little tidbit slipped past me last week.  I suppose it's just one of those articles that doesn't fit the narrative.
Obama was in the news last week because he has chosen not to enforce immigration laws against those who are deemed non-violent by the Department of Justice.

But here's another Obama relative, Uncle Omar, who is an illegal alien driving drunk.  One has to wonder if he's a non-violent one.

Obama's illegal uncle arrested; 
'Uncle Omar' almost hits cop car, tries to call White House

By Kerry Picket, Washington Times

Published on August 28, 2011

The Australian is reporting that Onyango Obama has retained Cleveland lawyer Margaret Wong. This is the same immigration attorney who successfully represented Mr. Obama's sister Zeituni, when she managed to avoid deportation to Kenya. Mr. Obama pleaded not guilty at his remand hearing.

*Clarification: Onyango Obama nearly hit the police car. He did not actually hit it, according to police reports.

A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he nearly rammed his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts.

He was later charged with DUI among other violations. I spoke to Framingham Public Information Officer Lieutenant Delaney who told me that when Onyango Obama was asked at booking if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail, the Kenyan immigrant replied: "I think I will call the White House."

 It should be noted that the Times of London, highlighted an Onyango Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, when the British daily found President Barack Obama's “Aunt Zeituni” living in Boston illegally.:

    Dreams From My Father was first published in 1995, and the story of how Mr Obama returned to Kenya in 1988 to trace his roots has become the cornerstone of his political biography. Yet the US media appears to have overlooked the passage indicating that at least one relative of Mr Obama’s had moved to America and might still be there.

    Two thirds of the way through the book Mr Obama’s half-sister talked about Africans who had emigrated to the West and were never heard of again, “like our Uncle Omar, in Boston . . . They’ve been lost, you see”.

    A few pages later Mr Obama meets his step-grandmother, Sarah, for the first time in the village of Kogelo. On the walls of her hut are photographs of Omar, “the uncle who had left for America 25 years ago and never came back”. Touchingly, she asks the future presidential candidate if he has any news of Omar, her son and Mr Obama’s half-uncle.

The article continues:

    This triggered a six-week search, one that would lead eventually to Boston and to Aunt Zeituni. Public record searches found traces of O. Onyango Obama, Uncle Omar’s real name, in Boston. A friend and a former landlady said that he now uses the name Obama Onyango.

    In the course of searching for Uncle Omar The Times found a Zeituni Onyango, who also played a prominent part in Mr Obama’s book.

    In the memoir Auntie Zeituni, Uncle Omar’s sister, explained the family’s complex family tree to the future presidential candidate, introduced him to other relatives and fed him a herbal remedy for an upset stomach.

Also, a wikipedia page about the president's family that has not been edited since August 2 mentions Uncle Omar:

    Omar ObamaHalf-uncle of Barack Obama,[126] born on June 3, 1944 in Nyang’oma Kogelo. Oldest son of Onyango and Sarah Obama, resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

The daily log from the Framingham Police Department shows the Onyango Obama that was arrested last week in Framingham, a Boston suburb, has the birth date of June 3, 1944.

Metrowest Daily first reported Onyango Obama's arrest:

    After the near crash, Onyango Obama, 67, told Officer Val Krishtal that Krishtal should have yielded to his Mitsubishi SUV, according to a report filed yesterday in Framingham District Court.

    Krishtal said he and another driver had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the SUV, which rolled through a stop sign and took a quick left turn.

    Obama said he doubted the officer slammed on his brakes because he did not hear the tires squeal, the report says.

    Krishtal said he was on Waverly Street headed toward South Street when his police car was cut off. Krishtal pulled the SUV over around 7:10 p.m.

    Obama failed several field sobriety tests and was arrested. At the police station, Obama failed a Breathalyzer test, registering .14. The state legal limit is .08.

    Obama was charged with driving under the influence of liquor and driving to endanger. He was also cited for not using a turn signal.

According to article, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement has warrant for his arrest and ICE previously ordered him to be deported back to Kenya. In the meantime, a judge has not set bail on the driving charges but ordered that he be held on the ICE warrant.  

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Campaign update

It has been a few weeks since I looked at the pack of GOP candidates.  Rick Perry grabbed some headlines with an invoice he sent to Washington to cover incarceration of illegal aliens in Texas.

So, I took a look at Perry's website.  It does not satisfy.  He has a brief mention of the border fence, but it is not a statement on his immigration policy proposal.

Bachmann gives the issue the same treatment.  Secure the border is all they want to talk about.  That's right out of the Michal Steele playbook and it misses the point.

They are pandering because there is very little opposition to the phrase, "Secure the border."

What I need to hear is a definitive statement on worksite enforcement, local cooperation, detention and deportation.  No one dares put it up on their website.

Sure, I understand website design enough to know that you cannot get too wordy, but it is very simple to link to a white paper or a speech or a newspaper article that amplifies your position.

We are still playing the game of soundbites when we have the bandwidth to share volumes.

Get with it, candidates!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's immigration got to do with it?

I tend to keep an eye on immigration issues by watching the on-line newspapers around the country.
Above is a screen shot from one such newspaper.
As you can clearly see below the mug of Big Sis it says, "Immigration headlines."

But take a look at what they've chosen to throw in there.  Sure, the immigration topics are there, but so are stories about Syria and MLK and "unmarked graves in Kashmir."

Whenever some skinhead goes on a rampage, it ends up in the Immigration index.  Like the Giffords shooting was indexed there.

I've complained to the paper, but they have a history of not responding to anything.

The newspaper used to be a bastion of conservatism in the reddest state in America, but they took an editorial view with their owners in favor of amnesty.  The rag is the Deseret News of Salt Lake City.

Some background on deportation

Warning: Get ready for some alphabet soup acronyms.

In rough numbers, The United States has a list of approximately 550,000 illegal aliens who have been ordered deported.  In a good year we find and deport about 40,000 of them.  We also add to the list each year, so there isn’t much net gain going on.

The agency in charge of making decisions on deportations is the Executive Office for Immigration Review, or EOIR.

Of course, one may appeal the decision to the BIA, aka Board of Immigration Appeals.

If you’d like, the structure and process are explained here: http://www.justice.gov/eoir/press/2010/EOIRataGlance09092010.htm

The entire process is under the umbrella of the United States Department of Justice, Eric Holder’s responsibility.

The EOIR is so concerned that many illegal aliens do not have legal representation that they set up free training for lawyers who wish to represent them pro bono.

Here are a couple of tidbits relating to the deportation situation.  During the final days of the 2008 presidential campaign a woman by the name of Zeituni Onyango was detected as an illegal alien living in subsidized housing ( I thought that’s not supposed to happen) in Massachusetts.

Onyango is Obama’s aunt.  In the fallout, George W Bush declared it was not to be made a campaign issue and told Homeland Security to screen all deportees for any political connection and avoid any reprisal actions.  At the same time Obama denied that he even knew she was in the United States or illegal.

The First Aunt’s story is an interesting one.  She came to the United States on a visa in 2000.  In 2002 she sought asylum from Kenya.  She went through a two year appeals process (see EOIR and BIA above) and was ordered deported.  She had her day in court (actually several of them) and lost her case.

Zeituni’s actions after that are typical.  She was issued a deportation order…and disobeyed it.  Actually, the number of people who actually show up for their deportation is in the single digits.

In the summer of 2008, Bush tried to coax people to comply by rolling out Operation: Scheduled Departure.  He invited the 457,000 non-violent illegal aliens with run letters to step out of the shadows and volunteer to go home.  In return, they would be given a short extension to tie up loose ends and would not be prosecuted for defying the original order.

A whopping eight (that’s 8) people came forward.

Now, back to Ms. Onyango...
So, Obama’s aunt got a high-powered immigration attorney (Margaret Wong) to represent her after her exposure to the law in 2008.  It is unclear how a woman living in poverty in Section 8 housing can afford such legal representation.  Either the DNC paid the bill or Wong took it as a pro bono case. 

It took a couple of years, but the judge ruled that Onyango could stay and made her “legal” once again.  At no time did the judge even imply that her original deportation order was invalid or that the original judgment was flawed in any way.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011.  The Obama administration issues new orders regarding deportation for all those on the deportation list.  He orders the review of 300,000 cases and authorizes the issuance of work permits.  In short, he has changed the rules.

Through nothing more than a change in procedure he signals to the world that violent crime is a prerequisite to deportation.  Whatever happened to unlawful presence and the statute that calls for the remedy of deportation?

And how can he be allowed to undo all that due process already given?

Clearly, Obama has usurped power over the United States Code and past bona fide judgments by the DOJ.  He has done so without even presenting his case before Congress. 

The checks and balances, so vital to our system, have been trampled by the Obama White House.

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Now, let’s say Sasha and Malia are not coming to dinner when they are called.  Maybe they come about 10% of the time.  Otherwise, they ignore the rule.

Word around school is that Barack is a “mean dad” for requiring the children to come to dinner.  Some of Sasha’s friends have even sent letters to the White House.

The Obama solution?  Send cookies and candy bars to their room.  Meanwhile, the children of DC are starving.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gov Jan Brewer gets slapped, then gets back up

So our pals at Facebook removed Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's negative comments about Obama's back door amnesty plan.  I guess dissent is only tolerated in certain ways.

But she put the post back up and it looks like it will stand as written this time.


It's worth a read, from someone who is living the nightmare of an open border and telling the truth about an administration that doesn't take the law seriously.

This is a slap in the face to all of us who want stricter enforcement of immigration laws.  A tip of the hat to Gov Brewer for delivering the message we all feel about this sham.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's Make A Deal - Obama style

What if you made a promise three years ago...and have been unable to keep it.
And let's say the people you made the promise to are now getting restless.
And let's say you need those same people to vote for you in another year or so.

What to do.  What to do.

Fresh from his speech to La Raza, where he was egged on by chants of, "Yes you can!  Yes you can!" Obama has taken fresh courage and created an enforcement plan that strengthens de facto amnesty for illegal aliens.

According to news reports, 300,000 illegal aliens who have deportation orders outstanding can now apply for work permits.  Let that last sentence sink in.

It's sort of like the path Obama's aunt took.  She's now in the USA legally after being removed from the deportation list she was on since 2004.  She was a "fugitive absconder" for five years and now she's got papers.  It's a good gig if you can get it.

Obama's been working on the jobs problem.  I'm thinking this is NOT a step in the right direction.

One thought comes to mind: "An infallible method of conciliating a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured." - Konrad Adenauer

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tea Party Terrorists?

 (Update: The White House denies calling the Tea Party "terrorists," though Carney apparently admits that some democrats used the word in a meeting with Hagrid Biden.  And Obama had words with a citizen in Iowa over the allegations.  But no one can deny that the official democrat senate and Obama position is that they feel the Tea Party should take the blame for the S & P downgrade.)

Obama can't be serious, sending people like Reid and Axelrod out to blame the Tea Party for the credit rating downgrade and blaming them for attempting to sabotage the economy.

It is my fear that people might actually believe the hype that prompts me to post.

Obama is in campaign mode now, and he knows that two+ years of failure don't look good.  But he also knows that voters have a short memory.  He also knows that the way to deal with a political enemy is simple: Isolate, attack, marginalize.

The strategy worked against Palin and The Minutemen.  It'll work against the Tea Party.

In the Old Testament we learn of the scapegoat.  Lay all your sins on the poor animal and send him off into the wilderness. (Lev. 16:21-11)  Of course, the goat did nothing wrong, you did.  But that's how it works.

The informed public knows that Obama is looking for someone to blame to take the pressure off him and his agenda.  But how realistic is that?

Obama must answer his progressive friends for failing to deliver Gitmo...and his lack of action on amnesty...and single-payer insurance...and exiting Iraq and Afghanistan...and running up the deficit...and losing the House in 2010...and being less than transparent...and not delivering a variety of free lunches he was supposed to give us.

Informed voters know that Obama had ample chance to raise the debt ceiling while he had the majority in both houses.  But he didn't do it.  Why?  Well, maybe he knew it was a bad idea for the country.  Or maybe he needed to find a scapegoat before he did it?

And why didn't the Democrat majority pass a budget before the midterms?  Why did they wait until the year was almost over?  Scapegoating?

So taking cheap shots at the Tea Party makes no sense at all.  Conservatives are simply calling Obama on his bad choices as President.

It was Obama who ignored the jobs problem for a full year, choosing instead to shore up the public sector and make things worse for municipalities, counties and states.  They are stuck with MORE employees, HIGHER payrolls and even more owed pensions than before.

Obamacare is another sin he cannot place upon the goat.  Americans didn't want it.  TWO TIMES it failed in Congress.  But he continued to push for it and made some smelly deals in the process.  Now he has it, and the courts are struggling to make it legal.

Or his spending.  No more can we simply accept the notion that Bush spent lots of money too.  GWB looks like an amateur compared to the spending Obama's done.  And the Bush scapegoat has wandered off long ago.  Only his most staunch supporters still buy the, "Bush did it," line.

So, Team Obama only looks more ridiculous when he blames the Tea Party for the S & P downgrade.  The downgrade came because fantasy met reality.  Washington had a chance to send a signal to the world that it woke up to its problem of being a spend-a-holic and was going to finally do something about it.

What the world markets are looking for is less borrowing and less spending.  They want the government to freeze spending and allow revenue to catch up.  They want to see some effort to restore value to the USD.

Instead, Obama throws a tantrum and sends his spinners out to blame the Tea Party.

Good luck with that, Mr. President.  You've already got the votes of people dumb enough to buy that line.