Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Burris?

I think I figured out why Blago chose Roland Burris as the Obama replacement in the senate.

Testicular virility.

We all know how important that is to the gov and Burris has displayed it when he met with the press yesterday to announce he would be taking his seat in Washington.

Here’s part of what he said:
“The single most important reason why I fought, to defend this appointment, was because I believed Illinois people didn't deserve to unfairly be punished again, by delaying their right to have full representation and equal voting rights at such a crucial time for our state and our nation. My motivation is to serve, was pure and had nothing to do with the scandal that preceded my appointment.

“Now, most of you all have heard me repeatedly state that I am already the junior senator-designate from the great State of Illinois. I believe that had I relinquished that title, after being legally appointed, I would have also signaled that our state had surrendered its own right to send, to Congress, a senator of our own choosing, in accordance with our laws, as protected by the United States Constitution.” (Burris Press Conference 1/12/09)

He thinks he’s the senator of OUR CHOOSING.

Now, what some people don’t know is that the Illinois Legislature had the opportunity to strip Blago of his authority to name the new senator. And they had the authority to call a special election to choose Obama’s replacement.

Now THAT would have been the way to give us “a senator of our own choosing.”

But the misfits in Springfield decided not to do that. They will pay for that mistake if voters have any memory at all.

I’ll grant you, it takes testicular virility to stand before the people of Illinois and pretend you are the people’s choice. All Burris will ever be is a senator seated under a cloud of corruption.

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