Friday, January 23, 2009

Nouveaux riches

It seems the Obamas started out a little badge-heavy.

First, the First Lady takes a swipe at the company marketing the dolls that "coincidentally" have the same names as her daughters. Perhaps offense is taken at opportunists who have used the children to their advantage. I wonder how many people they left in their wake who would call them opportunists.

Then the President fired optical daggers at a reporter who dared ask him a question when it was clearly a time for casual conversation with his friends in the media. I guess that fellow was unaware of Obama’s proven ability to shun certain media outlets. He followed up with clear instructions that there were times for asking questions and times to just hang out.

I understand he used those same icy stares on Biden when his humor failed the Obama test. (Note to self: Do not joke about swearing in.)

The Obamas have a lot to learn. Let’s hope they can at least be humble enough to recognize it rather than take it out on the commoners.

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