Friday, January 9, 2009

Watch for this trick

On the radio yesterday they were talking about Blago's next move, assuming the Illinois House votes to impeach.

The Illinois Senate now has to hold a trial against Blago before he can be thrown out of office.

The trick? Blago is the one who must convene the Senate. So, what if he refuses to call them together?

One suggestion is to have the State Police haul him down to Springfield. That makes quite a photo op.

The question remains: How crazy is the gov? Will he actually refuse to call the Senate? I'm thinking he will. What does he have to lose?

Then there is the "Blagojevich 26." These elected officials blocked the recall provision long before the gov was arrested. Lots of folks are blaming them for making his removal so difficult.

They deserve to be recognized. Here they are:
Michael Bond

James Clayborne Jr.

Jacqueline Collins

John Cullerton

James DeLeo

Deanna Demuzio

William Haine

Don Harmon

Mike Jacobs

Emil Jones Jr.

Kimberly Lightford

Terry Link

Iris Martinez

James Meeks

Antonio Munoz

Michael Noland

Kwame Raoul

Heather Steans

John Sullivan

Donne Trotter

A.J. Wilhelmi

Four Democratic senators were recorded as not voting: Gary Forby, Mattie Hunter, Martin Sandoval and Louis Viverito.

Every Republican senator except one voted in favor of the measure. Republican Chris Lauzen thought it more important to attend a pension conference in Philadelphia than to vote in Springfield.

From the Chicago Tribune

I am ashamed to say that two of these blockers are fox valley Senators.


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  2. Dear "One Vote",
    It is more true than ever that you just can't believe everything you read - - especially in the Establishment Media Tribune.
    Their editorial board is pro-abortion rights, I'm pro-life. They are pro-gun control; I'm pro-Second Amendment gun rights. They are pro-homosexual special rights; I am pro-traditional family. They oppose the death penalty even for rapists and murderers; I support it. They distort my clearly traditional conservative views and voting record at every chance they get; I don't own a newspaper . . . but here is a reply that I sent Editor Bruce Dold. We will see if they print it.


    When the current political circus is finally cleared out of town -- either by Patrick Fitzgerald and/or by an impeachment trial conviction in the State Senate --the grown-ups will have to go back to work cleaning up the mess that those who have supported the status quo have created. The financially-bankrupt and Illinois Political Combine-complicit Chicago Tribune repeatedly criticizes me for what was good judgment and conduct in the middle of corrupt, self-serving chaos.

    Rather than waste time clapping for clowns who trotted out a shell-game, window-dressing, designed-to-fail, political-cover inferior alternative to the constitutional amendment allowing voters to recall elected officials (HJRCA28) that had already passed the Illinois House and on which I was a bipartisan co-sponsor with Senate Democrat Leader Donne Trotter, I chose to invest two 15-hour days in Philadelphia at my own expense with 300 other financial experts and actuaries in order to generate solutions to the worst public pension problem in the country that threatens to bankrupt the State of Illinois.

    If you think GM, Ford and Chrysler have a huge unfunded pension and healthcare benefit, you should see our Illinois state government’s deficit in just one budget area. The entire $17.4 Billion federal bailout of U.S. automakers would not cover even one-third (!) of the more than $55 Billion in present value of these future payments. But, the Tribune editorial board insists that rather than spend my time constructively searching for practical answers, I should have waited around for a substitute and designed-to-fail recall proposal that had not made it through Speaker Madigan’s House gauntlet and was unexpectedly brought forward by Blagojevich ally Senate President Emil Jones on the first day that I was in Philadelphia on legislative business. The real question to criticize is, “Why wasn’t the bi-partisan HJRCA28 that had already successfully passed the House, called for a simple final vote?” If this substantially better legislation had passed the Senate, like it passed the House, it would have been placed on the November ballot for the voters to decide. No bedlam, no Burris, no Blagojevich.

    Frankly, I’m disgusted by the corruption and chaos that some politicians have created and the Establishment Media has winked at. I can either sit in the stands waiting to clap for the clowns in charge or work to clean up after them. Those of us who are accustomed to success and order in our professional and personal lives recognize that my duty to my constituents is to get out the mop before the second show begins in mid-February.

    Very sincerely,

    Chris Lauzen