Thursday, September 13, 2007

We don't need no stinking....

….FOIDs. Three men decided to attend a Phoenix gun show recently. They bought three guns and 450 rounds of ammo. Nothing unusual about that.

Except these three made the long trip north from Mexico. And it gets better.
Carlos Alberto Flores, 36, is the Baja California state police director
Guillermo Valle Medina, 33, is a Baja State Police Commander
Jose Santos Cortes Gonzalez, 41, is a federal police commander in Baja California.

It seems that ICE agents were undercover at the gun show, looking for thugs who were going to smuggle out firearms, a real sore spot in US-Mexican relations. The story goes that Mexico would be a safe place if US guns weren’t so easy to get. But they caught these Mexican Police officials instead of gang bangers on a re-supply trip. Some people will tell you there isn’t much difference between the good guys and the bad guys in Mexico anyway.

Tom Mangan of ATF was quoted as saying, “It is ironic we are receiving a great deal of criticism regarding our efforts to stem the tide of illegal weapons, and then we have three law enforcement officers trying to buy weapons here.” It sounds like Tom is tired of Mexico blaming US for the gun violence south of the border.

By the way, these purchases were made from private sellers and they did not violate the law by selling to these hombres.


  1. Wait...Mexico is blaming us for something that's wrong wtih them...again? Wow, there's a shocker.

    Hey, you know that hurricane that killed several Mexican citizens last month? Can we send replacements?

  2. No. Like the Cheetos tag line: "Go ahead; we'll make more."
    Both the current President of Mexico and his predecessor get upset whenever we try to close down the border. We are not only the relief valve for their overpopulation, but also a $23 BILLION cash cow from money sent home.