Thursday, September 13, 2007


As the presidential candidates debate about national health coverage, we ought to take a close look at who will benefit. (We already know who will pay for it.)

The census bureau helps us see the whole picture. They analyzed who has health insurance of any kind. When you take out corporate health plans, plans purchased by individuals, Medicare, Medicaid, and military health coverage, you find that 15.8% of the population does not have health coverage.

But when you break it down by race/ethnicity, you see a clearer picture of who lacks health insurance:
Whites 10.8%
Blacks 20.5%
Asians 15.5%
Hispanics 34.1%

Here’s the link for those who care to look at it (hint: It’s on page 21 of a 78 page pdf):

But look a little deeper and you’ll see the data sliced this way:
Native-born Americans 13.2%
Naturalized citizens 16.4%
Not a citizen 45.0%

That’s right; almost half of the “guests” in our country, invited and uninvited, don’t have health insurance! No wonder the earlier methods of charity care don’t cover the tab anymore. We are going to pay for those who are least vested in our nation. Seems wrong to me.

So when you hear the libs talking about free health care for all, keep in mind who will benefit the most from their program. When they had the Univision presidential debate in Spanish, Chris Dodd said he intended to apply his program to illegal aliens.

State Rep. Ruth Munson (RINO-IL) is all for free or reduced clinics for the illegals so they don’t clog up the emergency rooms. It’s a nice thought, but how about the state helping to enforce the immigration laws on the books rather than creating new magnets?

Of course, if we institute a national health care plan and don’t do a better job of qualifying people for benefits, the illegals will get coverage anyway.

In 1965 when we opened the doors to mass third world immigration, we started down this path. This is just one example of the consequences.

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