Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Univision plays the race card

There was another episode of Candidates Road Show the other day. This one was for the Democrats and was a Univision event. (Univision, like Telemundo, is a Spanish-language network that broadcasts here in the USA.) It was the “first presidential forum broadcast exclusively in Spanish”, except for the questions and answers, which were given and answered in English, then translated. I’m confused.

I’m gonna need some help with the logic here. Only citizens can vote, right? Knowing English is a requirement for becoming a citizen (anchor babies excluded), right? So, why do we need a Spanish language debate?

It would be like having elected officials conduct village business in Spanish and refuse to tell the citizens what they were saying. That would be arrogant and rude. No one would do that, would they?

Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd were both forced to respond in English, even though both have a solid command of Spanish. It’s only fair, since the other candidates didn’t get past tape one of Berlitz. Sweet irony there, folks.

The forum was clearly a “pollo in every pot” performance by the libs. One could hear the dollars being sucked out of the treasury with nearly every response.

The very first question was a set-up. The candidates were asked if participating in a debate specifically for Hispanics was a political risk. They all said no, and proceeded to heap praise upon the Latino community.

One early question at the debate seemed particularly troubling to me. Someone asked the candidates if they would “promote Spanish as a second national language in the United States?” Hmmm. It was hard to hear their answers for all the tap-dancing but no headlines resulted so they must have been successful at ducking the question. Kucinich said, “Yes”, then went on to explain his close ties to Hispanics in Cleveland. Dodd and Richardson both did a little dance. The top three horses weren’t even asked that particular question.

Univision threw in a token question about Iraq, then went back to border fences and how quickly they would solve the immigration problem once elected.

It seems to me that signs like these tell me that Latinos have taken "Salad Bowl" Assimilation to the nth degree. They want their own bowl! Separate but equal. Viva la raza! I say we give them California, but others may say Texas.

For you Romney fans, Dodd has a huge skeleton in his closet. Chris Dodd is married to a Mormon. Kennedy may not have listened to Rome, but for a man to ignore his wife for his term in office would be impossible! A very dangerous possibility indeed.

Bonus section
Here are the topics covered by the moderator at the debate:
Q1 – The risk of participating in a Latino debate
Q2 – Spanish as a second national language
Q3 – Iraq war
Q4 – Capturing bin Laden
Q5 – Border fence
Q6 – Comprehensive immigration reform. When, not if.
Q7 – Halting immigration raids
Q8 – Jobs Americans won’t do
Q9 – Anti-Hispanic sentiment
Q10 – Latin American diplomacy (Venezuela and Cuba mostly)
Q11 – Latino drop out rate/bilingual education
Q12 – Free health insurance (even for illegals)
Q13 – Subprime loan mess
Q14 – Greatest contribution of Hispanics in America

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