Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pimping Saulito

Big John Howell and Cisco Cotto do a radio show on WIND here in Chicago. They frequently express their disgust with Elvira and friends “pimping Saulito”. I suppose pimping is the right word for it.

I was a fool to think that once Elvira returned to Mexico, Saul’s life would get back to normal. Not a chance! He is traveling more than ever since mom was deported.

His picture was in the papers today, holding up something his mother never had; papers showing he is legal.

Saul’s godmother/guardian is a Latino activist. So I was a fool to think that the exploitation would cease. She was also Elvira’s key handler.

Americans see it for what it is – exploitation of a little boy. From the AP this morning it appears that some Latinos are starting to catch on as well. They too are disgusted to see the boy used for PR purposes.

For his sake, I hope the negative press will result in a more normal life for Saulito.

And for the nation’s sake, I hope he serves as a reminder that something needs to be done to correct anchor baby citizenship.

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