Saturday, September 29, 2007

Politicians at the border

On September 27th a meeting was held in Puerto Penasco Mexico. It consisted of governors from border states in both countries, including Gov. Aaaaaanold. Mexican Presidente Calderon spoke at the event.

One expert from Mexico said: “These animals don't cross the border to shop. They do it out of necessity.” He was referring to the impact on the wildlife that has been disturbed by all this fence building, but I thought it was a great line.

Calderon had some good lines as well. Did you know that Mexico’s most talented people are sneaking into the United States? That’s what he said. According to the AP: Calderón said his country “does not celebrate migration ... our best people are the ones who go.” (So Mexico’s “best people” haven’t finished 9th grade – 32% and don’t have a high school diploma – 17% and have a diploma but nothing else –25%. That’s 74% with zero college. I wonder what he meant by “best”?)

Listen to this quote from el Presidente: Calderón demanded that the United States respect “the right to work wherever one can make the greatest contribution.”

Or this one: “Immigration is a natural phenomenon that is economically and socially inevitable.”

Here’s a good one: He also called for a crackdown on U.S. weapons that “cross the border all too easily.” Calderón said weapons illicitly smuggled in from the U.S. had been responsible for killing dozens of Mexican policemen. (Well, we caught three Mexican policemen at an Arizona gun show buying weapons. Maybe Calderon has a “friendly fire” problem.)

Oh, and it is taking way too long at the border stations. In some places the back-up is five hours. Need I mention that there is no waiting if you are heading south? Perhaps we should take out the inspection stations altogether. Would that suit your fancy, senor?

As for US governors attending, Gov. Schwarzenegger expressed his feeling that we were good neighbors and good friends. Govs. Richardson (NM) and Perry (TX) did not attend.

The AP did not provide any quotes on the US agenda items of drug trade, migration and border security. I would have liked to hear what WE had to say at the conference.

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