Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Questions please

As we all know, NPR is a bastion of conservative media – NOT! ; in truth it is more like the anti-Fox.

Their Chicago affiliate is coming to Elgin to do a live broadcast on October 2nd. The topic is immigration. They have lined up some experts to speak and have included a Q & A session.

So, we have a chance to ask questions.

I ask my dear readers to give me your thoughts on what to ask. This is open to anyone who will NOT be attending the event. (They can ask their own questions.)

So, feel free to post a question. Be sure to click the “Anonymous” radio button at the bottom of the comment box before submitting the questions.


1 comment:

  1. Why isn't illegal imigration a prioriety for our government? Subtitled 'Why is basball such a priority for our government while the influx of illegal immigrants isn't?'

    Why do illegals complain about thier rights being violated when they're the ones breaking laws simply by being here?

    Why do we coddle and cater to the wants of Illegal immigrants?

    WHy should my tax dollars go toward a bilingual education that's not going to anything for my kid except teach him how to ask if you'd like fried with that in 2 languages?

    Where's the outrage from Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton about the kids shooting each other in Elgin? Oh, that's right, they're out blaming gun shops for the friggin' morons shooting at each other over the color of a rag.

    If a Democrat is alone in the forrest and he falls over, is he still wrong?