Saturday, September 1, 2007

Holy sleeper cells, Batman!

Pew Research published a study in May about the Islamic mindset, more precisely, Muslims who live in the United States.

Many were shocked to read that 26% of Muslims between the ages of 18 and 29 would be OK with suicide bombings in some cases. Pundits rightly pointed out that the numbers behind that percentage total 300,000 people! And these folks are living in the United States.

But there is a bigger number we ought to be worrying about. Zogby did a study in 2002 and asked Mexicans to comment on this statement: "The territory of the United States' southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico."

58% said YES
28% said NO
14% weren’t sure

Let’s see….58% times 6,200,000 equals 3,596,000. We’re worried about 300,000 Muslims who might think it’s OK to bomb us (and we should worry about them). But we are completely ignoring the fact that 3.6 million Mexican citizens are living under our noses who believe that California, Texas, and Arizona still belong to them. And they are mostly young and mostly male.

It’s a good thing Mexicans don’t ever take to the streets. Oh, wait. Gee, I think I’ve heard of them shutting down entire towns in Mexico when they aren’t happy with their government. And sometimes those riots get violent. Of course, Mexican Police carry machine guns.

I’ve said before that I would prefer Mexico to launch a military invasion on the United States if they want millions of their people to live here. Now I’m not so sure. If the Mexicans living among us illegally were to rise up within our communities in concert with an invasion, it would be a disaster.

They have no loyalty to our nation. They want rights and benefits but they really don’t subscribe to the concept of our nation and what it stands for.

And if we tried to round them up during a war, the libs would point to what we did to the Japanese living in the US during WWII (no kids, there isn’t a new version of wii. It was a war. Look it up.) and simply let them roam free.

They carry signs saying “We are not terrorists” and I think most of them really believe that. But it wouldn’t take much to convert them if their army back home made a move against us.

I hope there are enough jarheads to march back to Montezuma.

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