Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hey, Jesse! Hey, Al! Hey, ACLU!

Where are you guys? There was a peaceful meeting shut down in Crystal Lake because some hotel didn't like the topic. Where are you guys?

You're all big on the rights of the people. How come none of you stepped forward to speak out against the injustice?

And Jesse Jackson was right in the neighborhood. Jesse grabbed a Catholic priest and protested in Barrington, just a few miles east of Crystal Lake. He had his megaphone and his sign-carriers outside of D S Arms, a gun manufacturer.

D S Arms makes guns for the military and the police. But no matter; it was a gun company and he was going to make his point.

It makes you wonder if these guys are in favor of the Bill of Rights or against it.

Surely Jesse and Al know that illegal immigration hits minorities the hardest in two ways:
1) They take entry-level jobs
2) They keep wages artificially low. (Think the labor equivalent of dumping.)

But to stand up against illegal aliens goes against the liberal agenda, and that trumps everything else.

Is anybody buying their brand of social justice any more?

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