Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Uncle Sam isn't your mother

We sometimes fail to see the symbolism of Uncle Sam as an icon of government. Let me compare an uncle to mom.

Uncle Sam is willing to loan you some money, if he has it.
Mom will take out a loan in order to give you money.

Uncle Sam will let you crash at his place for a couple of weeks if you are down on your luck.
Mom will always take you in for as long as you need, dear.

Uncle Sam will offer you leftovers.
Mom will cook you Sunday dinner, complete with your favorite pie.

Uncle Sam will give you a ride.
Mom will let you have her car.

Uncle Sam will tell you when you’re wrong.
Mom thinks you can do no wrong.

Uncle Sam will call on you to die for him.
Mom will die in your place if necessary.

Uncle Sam won’t be fooled by you twice.
Mom will love you no matter what.

Uncle Sam will give you advice.
Mom will give you orders, and punish you if you don’t obey.

Sometimes mom can be a tyrant. There are all sorts of promises being made on the campaign trail. We would do well to ask ourselves if we need more government programs. I think we’d be better off with a lot less government and a lot more self-reliance. At least we’d have more citizens with a little dignity.

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