Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another warning about imported products

The bad news for China just keeps going, doesn’t it? We’ve got lunchboxes with lead in them and Barbie’s with lead paint and cribs that can kill. Geez, they are more dangerous than riding with Ted Kennedy.

Take them off the shelf! Lock the warehouses! Send them back! Shoot the factory manager!

Well, part of it is a certain amount of comeuppance aimed at an economy that is actually successful, but I doubt that the campaign will result in production returning to the United States.

But I find it ironic that dangerous imports are not always treated equally.

Take for example an illegal alien busboy who sickens dozens of patrons at a local restaurant. I’d call that a dangerous import. Hepatitis A is not exactly food poisoning. Yet there are no investigative reporters on the case. No congressional hearings are held. There isn’t a check of all busboys nationwide to round up the illegal ones.

No sir. We can look the other way when that happens. The widely accepted number is 25 fatalities – 25 citizens lose their lives each day in the United States at the hands of illegal aliens. About half are criminal-act fatalities and the other half are DUI deaths (the kind that are “less serious” because the driver isn’t a criminal in the traditional sense).

Let me ask you, how many people died from sucking on Fisher-Price wooden toys? I can assure you it wasn’t 25 a day. The crib alarm was sounded over three entrapment deaths TOTAL.

So why is everyone sitting back and watching this without taking some action? I blame the politicians and the media. Any other ideas?

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