Monday, September 24, 2007

Liberal confusion

Here’s another story that has the libs doing a little soul-searching. (Oops. Do libs have souls? I mean, did I commit some religious faux pas just now? Please forgive. The offense isn’t here; it’s below.)

Anyway…I read a story that says Mexico is building a natural gas terminal 50 miles south of Tijuana. But this natural gas is impure; it will create TRIPLE the pollution that is acceptable now.

And those wacky Mexicans are refusing to clean it up before they pump it into the pipeline with the clean natural gas we put in there.

And LA is a major user of this gas. Angelinos are very touchy about their emissions you know. This stuff will create THREE TIMES the Nitrous Oxide levels of the SDG&E plant in Escondido, the current record-holder for NOx emissions.

(Hold on, here. Isn’t Nitrous Oxide the stuff your dentist gives you? That gives a whole new meaning to the term “general anesthesia”. And don’t they use this stuff to make cars go faster? Low-rider owners unite! We want more NOx!)

Rewind to all the hoopla about the BP plant on Lake Michigan this summer. Dick Durbin and Dem mastermind Rahm Emanuel couldn’t get there fast enough to hold a press conference on the shores of the lake when they found out that BP had approval to expand the plant without his blessing on emissions.

So BP, tail between their legs, agreed to accept the higher standards and change their plans for the gasoline plant, even though Indiana state regulators had already blessed the original design.

Now, back to the present dilemma…What’s a Democrat to do? Does Durbin rush to Baja California and do another beach scene, demanding that Sempra Energia Costa Azul (a Mexican company) clean up their gas?

Or does a good Democrat simply suck it up because they are an oppressed nation and we should not impose our Anglo point-of-view on them?

I think I detect Rahm Emanuel with crossed eyes. I do hope he can figure out the liberal way to go. “Am I brown or green on this issue? Brown…green…brown…green. One thing I can’t do is call them Dirty Mexicans. Oh, I can’t decide.”

Issues like these are so fun to watch!

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