Saturday, September 15, 2007

Elgin's Braintrust

There’s nothing like an anti-gang violence rally to bring out the pols on a frosty Friday night. And so it was. They met at Clara Howard Park.

Let me give you a little tidbit of history about Clara Howard Park. One of the people who built that park was Andrew Peterson. Andrew is now in medical school. Back then he was working on his Eagle Scout project. I spent a Saturday over there myself, spreading mulch as I recall.

Later on, young men would approach the city to see if they could do an Eagle Project. Too risky. Too much liability. It’d upset the unions. The city can’t get involved in them.

Instead I see those former Eagle Projects being performed by hoodlums in the Elgin Police Community Restitution Program van. And we call ourselves enlightened! What a shame.

So last night all the city fathers showed up to stop the madness. Here is a partial list of dignitaries:
Mayor Schock
Councilman Steffan
Chief Womack
Elgin Icon Dews
State Senator Noland
State Rep. Munson

There were speeches and a brisk walk to the Burger King.

Noland, a democrat, wants to fine the parents of gang members in an effort to get them to rein in their kids or move out of town.

Munson, a republican, wants after school programs so the government can raise the kids because “parents have to work.” Reminds me of something Hillary would say.

Jim Vaughn, the neighborhood group president, gave the most useful advice of the night. He said, “Open your eyes. Open your mouths.” Now there is one wise man.

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