Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Northwest Tollway

Interstate 90 turns into the Northwest Tollway as it enters Illinois at Beloit Wisconsin. It then stops being a freeway until it enters the Chicago city limits.

For that 75 miles of interstate highway it magically becomes a toll road. Ike would not be pleased. The least they could do is make their own road if they were going to make it a tollway.

I pay to sit in traffic every day. My commute is 50 minutes in the morning and an hour at night. 26 miles each way. And I pay for the privilege.

Now, the state legislature has waved their wand and called in the Jane Addams Memorial tollway. (There is a signage contract deal in here somewhere. I just know it.)

Who the heck is Jane Addams? Well, she’s a cousin to The Addams Family. Really! Her cousin was Charles Addams, the twisted, spooky cartoonist who was the inspiration for The Addams Family.

But that isn’t why she was named. Adjectives like feminist, peacenik, socialist, and immigration magnet are her endearing traits.

I would be upset except for the fact that Chicago roads aren’t known for their namesakes. You are more likely to hear reporters talk about The JFK or LSD.

So, the Northwest Tollway will now be referred to as The JAM, which is truth in advertising!

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