Monday, August 20, 2007

Update - Hurricane Elvira

The latest information is that Elvira is in Tijuana, which is about 1400 miles north of where she should be. You see she is a native of the state of Michoacan, which is a depressed area between the Pacific Ocean and Mexico City.

The United States learned years ago that if you just drop them off at the nearest town just across the border, it is too easy for them to return to the US. So they developed a plan to return them to their hometown, which is very costly for us but seems to decrease the likelihood that they will sneak back in.

They call it the Interior Repatriation Plan. Here’s a statement from Immigration in Washington: "By quickly returning aliens to the interior of Mexico rather than to the Mexican border, both nations seek to save lives and discourage additional illegal border crossings through hostile, desert terrain,” said Director of ICE Detention and Removal Operations John Torres. At the very least it slows them down and makes a new attempt more expensive.

But wait, the illegal alien has to sign up for the program. It is “voluntary”, according to ICE. And Elvira definitely wasn’t volunteering to leave.

One would think that sending them back home would at least put them in the middle of their support group. I’m not sure we get credit for our efforts at family reunification. Latino activists insist that it doesn’t count unless the reunification takes place on our side of the border. Take note of that little flaw in their logic.

So how are things going at the Border Patrol station in San Diego? Well, on August 15th
The San Diego Union-Tribune did a story. As it turns out, border crossing activity is down all over, except the Tijuana/San Diego area. Things are still active there.

Does that make it easier for Elvira to sneak back in, or does it make things harder? You decide.

My guess is that Hurricane Elvira will turn north again at the first opportunity. Then again, there is the raw emotion of her being separated from her boy. “So close and yet so far away.” They might be able to exploit that angle.

Can Elvira ever be able to move around in the USA again? Coming back would add one more charge to her rap sheet.

But I don’t picture her waiting the required 10 years to be eligible to come back in legally. Maybe she could set herself a goal to attend Saulito’s graduation from high school.

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