Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Elvira

As a service to my loyal readers I am going to try to keep you updated about the location and direction of Hurricane Elvira Arellano.

She has left the Methodist Church in Chicago (And I surmise that at least some leaders and parishioners are grateful for that) and is now in a Catholic Church in LA. (At least she is sharing the spotlight with another denomination, but somehow I don’t think this sister is going to bring about the Biblical “Unity of the Faith”.)

I certainly hope she wasn’t allowed to fly but if I remember correctly, TB Andrew was allowed to cross into the US from Canada earlier this year even though we were “on the lookout” for him. And she DOES know how to get fake ID so maybe she flew and we didn’t know it.

But now she is in Jim Hayes country. I’ve blogged about him before. You could look it up. Unlike the ICE people in Chicago, Jim isn’t afraid to pick ‘em up and he isn’t afraid to make collateral arrests.

But I’m guessing it isn’t Jim’s call to make. Like launching “nucular” missiles, it is a Washington decision. The order to capture her must come from Al “I don’t recall” Gonzalez, our Attorney General…or President Bush himself. It is hard to read the mood in Washington these days. Bush appears a little tougher on illegals these days, but I’m not sure he’s THAT tough.

Besides how will they face their comrades at the next La Raza Convention or National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast? One must be very careful when one’s party no longer has a firm platform.

As I’ve mentioned before, it will be a bigger dilemma when she goes to Washington next month. What do you do with a fugitive felon who wants to protest on government property? What do you do with her when she asks to address the Congress? Or visit the White House? An eight-year old boy and a Chihuahua named Daisy are OK, but not the fugitive herself.

I say it is a better idea to take her into custody now rather than in DC. Any thoughts?

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