Thursday, August 2, 2007

Like anyone could really KNOW that, Napoleon!

It is amazing how well the federal government operates. Less than two hours after the I-35W bridge fell into the Mississippi River, some spokesman from Homeland Security in Washington DC declared that it was NOT a terrorist act. It is simply amazing.

And when the steam pipe burst in New York a few weeks back, the response was the same and equally rapid. Amazing.

Here in Elgin Illinois a masked gunman shot five Hispanic young men who were hanging out in front of their house. Two of the five were killed. The police haven’t caught anyone. No one is even named as a suspect. But the police chief and mayor were absolutely certain that it was not the work of an illegal alien. Again, amazing.

What is amazing is that they think they have any credibility with the public. I’m amazed that they think we are stupid enough to believe they’ve done anything except open the emergency manual and follow step 1: “Reassure the public that there is no problem.”

No wonder the conspiracy theorists abound whenever there is a catastrophe. When the government plays us for fools it’s easy to think they are hiding something.


  1. Remember the grassy knoll?

    Nobody there either, that is what the government says.

  2. You'd think they'd try to be a bit transparent to avoid all the suspicion.

    Then again, they do have things to hide, whether they caused them or just covered them up.
    -Alien Rants