Friday, August 31, 2007

Saulito the cipher

This is a hard thing to write because I believe Saulito has had a rough life. He has been used as a pawn in this media game being played by his mother, Elvira, and the Colemans. Nothing is ever said about his father. He deserves a normal life as a kid, not a role as the poster child for illegal aliens’ rights.

Right now his role is a cipher. In math a cipher has no value, except to hold open a space. The press is failing to report that SAULITO COULD HAVE GONE BACK TO MEXICO WITH HIS MOTHER. That was always an option.

Instead, these hoodlums chose to leave him here, presumably so they’d still have a symbol of the injustice, as they call it. They wouldn’t want the story to fade as Elvira and her son settle into their new home back in Mexico.

And it appears that they planned it out since the are claiming that Emma Lozano is Saul’s “legal guardian.”

I was looking for photos resembling the capture of Elian Gonzalez, but the only thing I could find was a Chicago Tribune photo of a tearful Saulito being comforted by Joline Lozano, Emma’s daughter. (I assume Emma was too busy with the press to comfort the little guy, so her 15 year old daughter got the duty.)

It is a shame that little children are put up to such things. But there are the needs of a little boy and there are the needs of the cause. Saul will just have to make the sacrifice, whether he understands it or not.

I hear tell they will be dragging him down to Mexico City soon, presumably to be part of the mid-September protest. These people have no shame.

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