Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tidy PR Packages

I’m not a big fan of TV Dinners. Most people don’t like them. There are a few brands that are passable, but they just aren’t the real thing. They try to be all things at once.

Take Barack Obama. I posted his letter about immigration reform which told me ZERO about his views on the subject. Then a few weeks ago, Obama was walking the picket lines outside a Chicago Hotel. This picket line has been going for four years now, and Barack shows up to march with them every year or so.

Well, this picket line performance just happened to take place a few days before the AFL-CIO Democrat Debate at Soldier Field. Nice packaging.

It almost seems as though Barack has been planning for this campaign all his life. He voted “Present” on all sorts of Illinois State issues when he was in Springfield. Better to have no position at all than one that would offend anyone.

Then there is the Elvira package. Did you know she has a line or embroidered blouses called “Sanctuary”? I kid you not. Did you notice what she was wearing in her photo ops in Chicago and LA – Embroidered blouses!

But the Elvira package also goes back a few years. The first time I heard Emma Lozano mentioned as Saulito’s godmother was when Elvira was talking about the custody situation in Tijuana.

I’m assuming that Emma was named godmother shortly after Saul was born, eight years ago! So the whole sanctuary gig in Chicago was set up. Emma is a long-time friend. Emma runs Sin Fronteras (Open Borders). Emma is married to Rev. Slim Coleman. (OK, he’s a Methodist minister and Emma was at one time a Catholic in order to be a godmother. Maybe she still is a Catholic.) Rev. Coleman also has this social justice PR background that goes back 25 years in Chicago.

The more I read, the more I get the feeling that this entire stunt was set up. And I get the idea that Elvira had no intention of taking Saul back to Mexico with her. Immediately upon crossing the border she is living in the apartment of a friend in Tijuana. In a matter of hours she’s in Mexico City appearing before their Senate. And she’s scheduled to go back to her hometown of Michoacan to visit her family.

It sounds like Elvira is just another PR package to me, and the politicians on both sides of the border are lapping it up. Fortunately, the editors of some newspapers are not looking upon her favorably.

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