Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Jersey Gets Religion

Well, Jose Carranza got someone's attention. Someone figured out that it is just plain wrong that a violent child molester who doesn’t speak English and has a fake Social Security card is out on the street on bail. Duh!

The Mayor of Newark gave the stock answer: That’s not my job.

Actually Mayor Cory Booker told WNYC Radio: “In no way is obligation of city police department to be going around and doing the work of INS.”

Mayor Booker told Newsweek Magazine: “I think the role of local law enforcement is to enforce the public’s safety, and to prevent a crime from happening. It is very problematic when you create a climate where police are acting as immigration officers. Because then you create a climate where an undocumented immigrant is afraid to go to the police when being victimized by crime.”

A nice idea but when three people are executed in a park by illegal alien Jose Carranza, there must be a better answer.

So, the New Jersey Attorney General, Anne Milgram, issued Law Enforcement Directive #2007-3 on August 22nd that instructed ALL law enforcement agencies to begin asking, checking, and reporting illegals.

Here’s part of that Directive: “When a local, county, or State law enforcement officer makes an arrest for any indictable crime, or for driving while intoxicated, the arresting officer or a designated officer, as part of the booking process, shall inquire about the arrestee’s citizenship, nationality and immigration status. If the officer has reason to believe that the person may not be lawfully present in the United States, the officer shall notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during the arrest booking process. The only exception to this requirement shall be if the County Prosecutor or the Director of the Division of Criminal Justice determines, in writing, that good cause exists to refrain from notifying ICE during the arrest booking process.”

The seven page directive covers the concerns of Mayor Booker about witnesses and victims as well.
And it requires the police to tell the County Prosecutor and the Court, so everyone in the process knows that the perp is an illegal.

Time will tell how it will all work out but it is a clear sign that New Jersey is tired of violence at the hands of known illegal aliens. I wish them well.

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