Monday, August 20, 2007

There's ice, and then there's ice

Has it been five years since the Olympics in Salt Lake? Time flies.

I remember an article about the quality of the ice rinks in Salt Lake. Nick Thometz, the director of the ice oval in Kearns explained that the rink in Salt Lake was especially fast because of the high altitude, the lack of humidity, the air temperature of the arena, and less oxygen in the water while freezing.

In other words, this ice is better.

Ok, my point? ICE, as in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is not the same everywhere.

For example, New Jersey has proven twice in the recent past that ICE isn’t doing the job. Remember the Fort Dix Six? They were known to police long before they were picked up for their terrorist plots.

And this Carranza guy from Peru is a thug that should have been flagged for deportation long ago.

Then there is the ICE office in Chicago. A few days before the May 1, 2006 protests, they put out the word that the demonstrators had no worries; that ICE had other priorities and would make no arrests at the march.

And when they descended on Little Village in Chicago to break up the ID fraud gang, they made it clear that they were only interested in 22 people; no one else was in any danger of being arrested.

Then, of course, there is the Elvira fiasco. They knew where she was for a year and didn’t pick her up. She didn’t last 24 hours in LA before she was in custody and on her way back to Mexico.

So, there’s ICE and then there’s ICE. As I’ve written before, Jim Hayes is a true ICE agent. He’s doing 100% screening for illegals in Costs Mesa, he is proud of the “collateral arrests” he finds in the course of his investigations, he’s conducted a sweep of everyone in custody in LA and Orange Counties, and he made short work of Elvira once she was in his jurisdiction.

That’s the kind of ICE we’re going to need if we are going to get serious about interior enforcement.

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