Friday, August 3, 2007

Standards, Telemundo Style

The Spanish-language TV giant Telemundo announced on August 2nd that Mirthala Salinas will be suspended for two months without pay following her exposed affair with LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

This is like a novela. Is it reality TV?

A little chronology.
Mirthala, in her capacity as a political reporter, got a little too close to the mayor a year ago. When the station found out, they quietly reassigned her.

The sin for which she is now being punished was that she was anchoring the news and read the story about the mayor confirming the rumors of his affair, and pretending not to be involved. It seems to me that her bosses at Telemundo ought to also serve some hard time since they knew about it eleven months ago as well. It is true she had no business reporting the story, but she wasn’t acting alone.

By contrast, Amy Jacobson (see the July blog) here in Chicago was FIRED for joining a pool party at the home of a suspected wife killer.

It just goes to show you that ethnicity matters. The Hispanic media has a lower standard (I never thought that was possible) than U S media in general. And it isn’t just the news. Take a look at the programming in your town. You will see more bikini-clad bimbos used as props in sitcoms. You will see more female erotic gyrations on music videos. The soap operas are more sexually graphic. It is true-to-form of the “Latin lover” stereotype.

Where are all the liberals complaining about women-as-objects when it comes to Univision and Telemundo? Is it right to get a free pass here in the U S just because of their non-white, non-European culture?

And when you look at the higher incidences of wife abuse, rape, and other crimes against women at the hands of the macho, it goes beyond culture to crime.

But in response, the media refuses to acknowledge the problem. Instead they publish nonsense like Jesse Diaz of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) that Americans are responsible for crimes committed by illegal aliens because of our bad example to them. He told the media back in January that illegals “are picking up those bad habits of cheating, of drinking and drugs” from American citizens.

And defense lawyers in Tennessee are complaining that illegal aliens can’t get a fair jury trial. Again, the problem is US, not THEM in the eyes of the press. Give me a break!

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