Tuesday, August 21, 2007

News from Tijuana

It was reported in Chicago that a 14-year old Hispanic girl left a two week old baby on the doorstep of Walter Gniadek, rang the bell, and ran away. There was a note pinned to the baby, written in Spanish.

Illinois has a law that allows people to leave their babies at hospitals and police/fire stations. They don’t take teenagers. I tried. More than once. But this girl chose a home on the southwest side.

Meanwhile, Elvira has been giving interviews from Tijuana. She says she has a job offer already. She tells us that Saulito has requested to remain in the United States and go back to Chicago under the care of the Colemans.

And she will respect his wish and allow him to do so.

Now, wait a minute! Wasn’t her whole premise that she demanded to stay here to be with her son? Isn’t her entire campaign about family unification vs. separation by the cruel immigration officers?

So, in a matter of hours she has opted to be separated from him when she could have him with her 24/7 anywhere in Mexico she chooses. She does say she will be able to tell her son all about how wonderful Mexico is via telephone. She says she has no plans to come back in, legally or illegally.

I’ve got more respect for the 14-year old girl leaving her baby on the doorstep than I do for Elvira, a 32-year old woman who turned on her boy just like that.

I was proud of the editorial by the Daily Herald today, declaring that Elvira is NOT a good poster child for the cause of the illegal aliens. She broke the law, stole a Social Security number, and defied the order for removal. No one dares call her a squeaky-clean victim of the system.

Now if we can just get Saul’s guardian, “Open Borders” Emma Lozano, to stop parading the boy around in front of the cameras, just maybe he’ll have a chance at a normal life.

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