Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Paging Dr. Phil!

Dr. Phil is needed in Springfield Illinois stat! Socialism has met reality and it is getting ugly.

You see, Illinois has a law that our elected leaders must pass a budget by July 1st each year. They voted on a one month extension to keep the ship afloat. That expired August 1st. So the Land of Lincoln is living on borrowed time. The Controller is sounding the alarm and Gov. Blagojevich is saying, “Relax”.

It seems Blago can’t find a pen to sign the electric rate relief bill. He seems to be having trouble with other tasks as well. Is he holding out on us? Accumulating bargaining chips? Or is it just a political tantrum?

At issue is the Gov’s health care for all bill. The Legislators are all telling him we can’t afford it and they won’t fund it. And no one wanted his Gross Receipts Tax, essentially charging businesses every time inventory moved.

Did I mention that the Democrats hold the majority in the Legislature? Did I mention that the Gov is also a Democrat?

Bridges are falling down and the schools are broke. And yet we continue to push for more social programs on top of the ones we have. The irony about universal health care is that Illinois already has some health care programs for kids and the poor. Those programs are constantly trying to find doctors who will take patients because Illinois doesn’t pay on time! And when they do, it is less than the doctors need to cover costs.

Dr. Phil needs to line up all those Socialists and yell, “GET REAL!”

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