Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho

Politicians are so disappointing. I’m trying hard to work this whole men’s room thing into something logical and I can’t figure out a way to let him off the hook.

I can’t believe someone was trying to set him up. He’s just not the kind of target who would deserve an elaborate trap halfway between his home state and DC. He admits to his actions and even entered a guilty plea so that idea is out.

I can believe that Minneapolis has a gay problem that would warrant police patrols in the johns. Twenty years ago I attended a company dinner at a place called Ed Webster’s located somewhere along the business loop of the interstate on the south side of Minneapolis. They served a huge hunk of prime rib.

Anyway…the restaurant had a bar in the basement and some of the company executives went downstairs for a drink. There were some people on the dance floor and they were all men! One of the men in the bar asked the division president if he wanted to dance! That was the talk of the company for several years. (No, he didn’t accept the invitation.)

So, I was busting Tony Villaraigosa for having an affair with a reporter and now I’m busting Larry Craig for acting gay in a restroom.

I will also note that Sen. Craig is (well, was) the Senate co-chairman for Mitt Romney’s campaign. I haven’t seen Tony resigning from the Hillary campaign.

I will say this about the GOP, they generally resign rather than apologize and keep serving. Personally, I think that’s a better way.

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