Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mind your own business

On 9 February of this year a dozen members of the Mexican Congress showed up at a church in Chicago to support the cause of Elvira Arellano. She has defied deportation orders and is holed up in a storefront church run by the “Reverend” Slim Coleman.

If you want the whole Elvira history, leave a comment below. Otherwise, I’ll assume you know all about her.

Now, I’ve heard of U S Congressmen going to a foreign government and insisting that they release a U S Citizen, but I’ve never heard of a government sending a delegation to insist that they NOT allow someone to return home! But that’s exactly what these “dignitaries” did.

I fired off a fax to Condi Rice when it happened asking for a diplomatic censure of Mexico for meddling in our affairs and a firing of the State Department bozo who allowed the stunt to go on in the first place. Six months later I’m still waiting for Dr. Rice to get back to me.

Today I read that we are doing the same thing! 92 U S Congressmen have sent a letter to Mexican President Calderon insisting that he do something about the murders in Ciudad Juarez, a border town on the Mexican side. To my knowledge none of the people murdered were U S Citizens.

What are they thinking over there in Washington? It is sad, it is tragic, but why is this border town in Mexico so important that 20% of our Representatives would send a letter at the urging of California Democrat Hilda Solis?

Could it be because these are murders of women? Could it be that there is a connection between these murders and their efforts to sneak into the United States?

If our Congress wants to do something about the loss of life due to illegal alien traffic, I’d suggest that they work on enforcement and de-magnetizing our attractive policies.

Things like fences, border agents, deportation programs, anti-anchor baby laws, repealing the EMTALA (emergency room law), and stopping free public education for illegals would be a good start.

But I suppose indignant letters are more PC and less likely to cause the loss of votes than any substantive enforcement efforts.

If you want to stop the 500+ deaths in the desert each year, try making the U S a harder target to hit. Then perhaps they will stay home rather than risk their lives.


  1. "What are they thinking over there in Washington?"

    Shame on you, suggesting that any thinking is taken place in Washington. That is an example of the brain drain you may have heard of. It is solely smart people going to foriegn countries, it is what happens when a person gets elected to National Office!

  2. You are right, and the prospects don't look so great for the future. Anyone crazy enough to run for president ought to be disqualified for insanity!
    -Alien Rants