Friday, August 24, 2007

Casting Call

I’m doing a made-for-TV movie of Elvira’s trip from Chicago to LA. It is harder than it sounds. She had quite an entourage on the trip. I’m surprised the Chicago ICE office didn’t detect her leaving the church with all those people, especially given the announcement that she would be on the move soon.

So, here’s the cast of characters:

Rev. Walter “Slim” Coleman. I say Donald Sutherland (right kids, Jack Bauer’s dad) is just right for the part. Before becoming the Reverend Coleman, Slim was a fixture in Harold Washington’s Chicago operation. He’d always looked out for the poor and needy, albeit at government expense. He’s pretty far to the left as you might expect.

Emma Lozano. The spot is open. Emma is Slim’s wife. She’s also the leader of Without Borders, a group that thinks the American Continent is a free-for-all.

Saulito Arellano(?). I guess that is his last name. I’ve never heard him called by his father’s name. Eight years old and very cute. Must be able to cry on command.

Joline Lozano. A teen age daughter of Emma. She’s Saulito’s babysitter when Emma and Slim hear a camera running.

Daisy. The Chihuahua.

Elvira Arellano. The star of the show. She will be required to give a blessing to her son, despite her trouble keeping the ten commandments. And she’ll need to be a good victim, ignoring the victims she left in her wake. Maybe if you’ve played the part of Sybil before….

Chicago Alderman Ricardo Munoz. This character will have to be able to swear to uphold the laws of the land and then turn around and deliver this line: "It's a sad day. We need comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together. A young boy, a U.S. citizen, lost his mother to a broken system. Elvira has put a face to this struggle. There are 12 million illegal immigrants that head to work every morning, not knowing if they'll come home at the end of the day." Now THAT will require a good actor.

Immigration agents (Chicago scenes). None needed.

Immigration agents (LA scenes). Fifteen men. Age 25-40, well-built, over 6’, look good in aviator sun glasses. Must be able to drive a black Suburban.

Leave me a comment if you want to audition for a part.

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