Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two rallies

Same day. Same time. Two political rallies were held in the Chicago area. One had 2,000 protesters, the other 10,000. Which one do you think got the coverage?

The one with 2,000 of course!

You see, there was a Labor Day immigration rally held by the people who want amnesty for illegal aliens.

And the Chicago Sun Times showed up and posted a nice photo gallery as well.
Here's a sample:

They never disappoint. Most of the photos this time showed American flags, but there are always a few who have to bring their native flags to point out just how sincere they are about a path to citizenship.

Here's another one, this time from Brazil:

So, of course I have to show one of my favorite cartoons in response:The other rally, the one without the coverage, consisted of 10,000 people who drove down to New Lenox to greet the Tea Party Express bus on the way to Washington DC. The organizers would have been happy to have attendance of around 400 people!
And they didn't rent buses. No one got a stipend to attend. There weren't any signs printed in advance and handed to the participants as they got off the bus.

Sorry, no pictures from the media for this event. Wrong message I suppose. Just some snapshots:Now, did you see any signs of astroturfing in those two pictures above? Neither did I.

How about this picture from the illegal alien rally?Bingo! The blue and white pre-printed signs in the front and the yellow and black ones in the back.

Just another example of the difference between the left and the right.

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