Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They can't show that to my kid

What would you do if they showed this video at your kid’s (or kids’) school?

Well, some parents out in Utah got upset and complained to the school.

An overreaction? Chew on this idea and ask yourself what it would take to shift our attention away from the War on Terror:

The “I Pledge” video was produced by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher for the inauguration. Note how it has some very effective elements of propaganda, especially the celebrity endorsements.

And it rides on the coattails of the Pledge of Allegiance without even a hint of patriotism. By association they are suddenly pledging to globalism, mixed in with the “love thy neighbor” theme.

Did anyone see a flag? I saw some red-white-blue and blue/gray.

Some (not all) adults can see what’s happening here. Children cannot.


  1. I find the video contradictory. All of the things that these actors are 'pledging' to do we can do now, by exercising our freedom of choice. A message encouraging someone to be selfless and give a little more is not a bad thing. But in the end, they contradict everything they said by their final pledge. I don't see any of Mr. Obama's policies and bills giving us more freedom to choose. I see them as forcing changes that will further limit our ability to choose. We would no longer be able to freely give to each other, but rather the act of giving will be forced upon us.

  2. Rock star propaganda doesn't need to be logical, but it is necessary.
    From the poll numbers we see that Americans are finding out that Obama has no depth of experience.
    They will fight hard to preserve the illusion because of the lack of substance.