Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some nuts at ACORN

Let's suppose that you took a camera into an ACORN office and asked for advice on taxes and buying a home.

And let's suppose you dressed and acted like a pimp and the woman with you like a prostitute.

You proceed to explain your line of work and ACORN employees advise you to:
-Claim that you are in the business of "performing arts"
-Deduct your dresses, make-up and condoms as business expenses

But it gets better. You tell these two ACORN experts that you want to bring under-age, illegal aliens from El Salvador and teach them prostitution.

These same ACORN employees advise you thus:
-Pay them under the table
-Do not declare them as employees because they are under 15 years old
-Claim three of them as dependents
-Claim them as exchange students

It's really unbelievable but true.

Take a look.
Transcript of sting interview at ACORN office in Baltimore

Footage from sting interview with ACORN

More footage from sting interview with ACORN

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