Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shrill works

Being vocal and somewhat obnoxious works rather well I think. Just imagine where we would be if Joe Wilson hadn’t rudely hollered, “You lie!” during Obama’s speech to congress.

The left had already demonstrated their deafness on the issue of illegal aliens getting universal health care benefits. They ignored talk radio, they ignored faxes from the constituents, they ignored complaints at town hall meetings, they ignored GOP amendments, they even ignored their own research reports.

The nail in the coffin on the issue was supposed to be Obama’s authoritative declaration that such talk was a “bogus claim.” Then Wilson went shrill on us and within days all versions of universal health care had provisions blocking coverage for illegal aliens.

Example number two. Various people have been trying to expose ACORN for years. As the election neared in 2008 there was some traction on voter fraud at the hands of ACORN. A few had established a link between the unions and ACORN, particularly SEIU and NEA. (Glenn Beck had even exposed that link.) And the eight- year scandal/internal investigation of ACORN embezzlement blew over quietly.

ACORN thugs attended universal health care rallies and tried to disrupt tea party events. The media gave the allegations zero coverage, writing them off as Faux News stunts.

But along came the sting videos in all their shrillness and suddenly we see the US Census telling them, “No thanks, ACORN.” The House and Senate both vote to stop sending them checks. The IRS takes away their tax-preparer license. Shrill works.

And it turns out that the White House has been tight with Hollywood ever since they signed Obama as the rising star, yet a transcript of the extent of the incest between the White House and artists resulted in people being fired. That would have never happened without the shrill exposure of the NEA conference call with all its ugly implications.

But shrill is a full-time job. Just today Bill Clinton dragged out the right-wing conspiracy idea. “Honest Bill”, as no one calls him, says those pesky right-wingers were after him and they are now after Obama.

The whole Monica Lewinsky affair was a right-wing conspiracy and so is all this criticism of the Obama administration. So says Mr. Clinton.

I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.

Hillary has never been shrill. Marching in the streets on May Day is not shrill. Calling Bush a liar is not shrill. Protesting at soldiers’ funerals is not shrill. Michael Moore is not shrill. Protesting in favor of Obamacare is not shrill. Only conservatives are shrill.

You ain't seen nothin' yet!

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