Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liberal Repentance

Well, in case you haven't been following the ACORN scandal, there have been a couple of interesting developments.

First, the US Census Bureau told ACORN they no longer want their help. The letter was vague but said there was a cloud over ACORN as a result of some of their tactics, and the Census Bureau didn't need ACORN's allegations of a bad reputation. It was a pretty good letter, actually.

Then it was revealed that the Washington DC office of ACORN was also handing out free advice about how to fool Uncle Sam on a tax return. (This after ACORN had told the world that the problem was isolated to the Baltimore office.)

So, it is time for ACORN to apologize for their actions. So what did they do? They issued this statement:
Statement from Bertha Lewis, Chief Organizer, ACORN Regarding Recent News Reports
September 12, 2009

The relentless attacks on ACORN's members, its staff and the policies and positions we promote are unprecedented. An international entertainment conglomerate, disguising itself as a "news" agency (Fox), has expended millions, if not tens of millions of dollars, in their attempt to destroy the largest community organization of Black, Latino, poor and working class people in the country. It is not coincidence that the most recent attacks have been launched just when health care reform is gaining traction. It is clear they've had these tapes for months.

We are their Willy Horton for 2009. We are the boogeyman for the right-wing and its echo chambers. If ACORN did not exist, the right-wing would have needed to create us in order to achieve their agenda, their missions, their ideal, retrograde America. This recent scam, which was attempted in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia to name a few places, had failed for months before the results we've all recently seen. I am appalled and angry; I cannot and I will not defend the actions of the workers depicted in the video, who have since been terminated. But it is clear that the videos are doctored, edited, and in no way the result of the fabricated story being portrayed by conservative activist "filmmaker" O'Keefe and his partner in crime. And, in fact, a crime it was - our lawyers believe a felony - and we will be taking legal action against Fox and their co-conspirators.

We will not be intimidated by this international conglomerate, which has made as its mission the destruction of our organization. ACORN members are committed to the empowerment of their communities - Black, Latino, poor, and working class – at the deepest level. We are an organization committed to halting the foreclosure crisis and keeping people in their homes. We are an organization committed to ensuring quality, affordable health care for every American. We are an organization that will not be stopped in our commitment to our members and our communities which has included:
· Helping hundreds of thousands of African-American and Latino voters register to vote and get to the polls in recent years;
· Preparing, since 2004, approximately 150,000 free tax returns totaling $190 million in refunds and increased earned income tax credit participation;
· Providing effective foreclosure prevention advocacy saving thousands of American families from losing their homes to foreclosure.


It screams out, We are the victim here!

It makes Fox into the villain when in fact Fox (along with others) merely reported the work of an independent film maker from veritas video/

Very much like the Van Jones defense, they claim that the videos were doctored, twisted, and edited. But the audio tapes and transcripts are complete and damning.

And if the videos are distortions, why were the employees fired?

Other ACORN officials remind us that no laws were broken by ACORN since they didn't file any paperwork according to the scheme they suggested.

Nowhere did I see anyone from ACORN apologizing for the conduct of these four women and assuring us that all offices will be audited and new training measures instituted.

On an unrelated matter, President Obama led the nation to believe that there was no way illegal aliens would get benefits under Obamacare. He called it one of the "bogus claims spread by those whose only agenda is to kill reform at any cost. "At another point in the speech he says, "Instead of honest debate, we have seen scare tactics."

But Obama knew weeks ago of legitimate concerns about loopholes in HB 3200 that would give benefits to illegal aliens. He really should not have said, "This too is false."

So, here in its entirety is Obama's apology for what has since been revealed as a mistake in his speech:

It's really hard for liberals to confess, isn't it?

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