Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Agitprop Theatre comes to America…

…funded by the taxpayers.

After masterfully exposing ACORN using their own words, Andrew Breitbart is now doing the same with the White House.

Community Organizer Obama named Community Organizer Valerie Jarrett to his senior staff. Jarrett is about as close as anyone gets to the Obamas. The ties are thick and deep.

Community Organizer Jarrett then hires Community Organizer Buffy Wicks to round up the pro-Obama entertainers in order to push the agenda of the left through movies, art, and stage.

As if Hollywood needed any help with their anti-family, anti-straight, anti-conservative message, they are now being assisted by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA, but not the teachers’ union) in producing and distributing the message.

Think of it as NPR on steroids.

Buffy is no capitalist. She went after WalMart and made them beg for mercy. And that was before she even got to the White House. But make no mistake, it was her success in emasculating WalMart that got her the job in the Obama administration. She’s known as Buffy the WalMart Slayer.
The Soviets used theatre to advance their message.
1. Do you want to conquer coldness?
2. Do you want to conquer hunger?
3. Do you want to eat?
4. Do you want to drink?
Hurry up to join the strike team of exemplary labor.
(Soviet agitprop poster from the ‘20s)
Radical socialists in Britain have made the same efforts only a couple of decades ago.

Here’s an interesting write-up on an agitprop actress who died in 2002:

And now the Obama administration is working hard to subsidize projects that glamorize his left-leaning projects.

If you want to know more, here’s a start:

Thanks for the reality TV, Mr. Breitbart. Keep it up.

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