Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama's sinking popularity

The prez must be beside himself at this point. Some shrinks have analyzed his behavior and seem to think it is linked to being abandoned as a child, first by his father, then his step-father, then his mother...finally coming to rest at Grandma's house as a teenager.

Such individuals often turn out to be pleasers. They will say and do anything for the approval of others. When that collapses things get bizarre.

So, where are we?
The senior citizens never were behind him. He's made it worse by threatening to make Medicare more efficient.

The young, tech-savvy crowd are being pulled by Andrew Breitbart over to They love the videos of ACORN being punked. And the NEA conference call. Superb entertainment for the cynical.

The Latinos are still waiting for amnesty. Ruben Navarrette was griping about it just today.

The unions? Well, they aren't too happy about the free coverage that has come about with the ACORN scandal. And, where's universal health care? And, what about secret ballots? And, weren't you going to give us all those illegal alien workers?

The independents? Polls show they have slipped below 50%.

The doves? Let's just say that Gitmo isn't closed yet and Obama is actually fighting in Afghanistan.

The Jews? Well, he really stepped in it at the UN. (Actually, Israelis living in the Holy Land have always been against Obama 4 to 1. US Jews are starting to feel the same way.)

He's even having trouble capturing the hearts of the children. His back-to-school was a PR disaster. I Pledge was poorly received. And now a principal in New Jersey is caught on tape indoctrinating little minds.

So, who's left? He's still got the white liberals who read the New York Times and the inner city blacks (though some of them are confused that Obama disavowed any knowledge of ACORN).

It always has been lonely at the top.

A word of advice: Chicago always has had trouble playing hardball. The Cubs are lovable until they start blaming the fans.

Rahm Emanuel is just being Rahm. Tough. In your face. Making threats to those who don't go along.

And Axelrod is ineffective, especially when you need to be precise and truthful. He's great at spin, but lousy at laying out a complex plan that adds up in the light of day.

May I suggest replacing your White House staff with people who can work with moderates and conservatives? Perhaps set aside identity politics.

Otherwise, the ideological divide will continue to widen. You are no longer the underdog; you are now the embodiment of big government. People will tear down the powerful; Americans are like that.

You can only gain so many victories by force...and then you must begin to collaborate.

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