Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An episode from...

…the Obama West Wing.

Picture Obama, Emanuel, and Axelrod sitting around in the West Wing. They have their sleeves rolled up because it’s 80 degrees in there. They chat a bit about the Cubs and pizza.

Background music belts out a tune from Aida, I Know the Truth.
Obama sings along…
How did I come to this?
How did I slip and fall?
How did I throw half a lifetime away,
Without any thought at all?

This should have been my time.
It's over, it never began .
I closed my eyes to so much for so long
and I no longer can.

Getting back to business, they go over the current situation.
· Healthcare reform is stuck
· Public approval keeps sinking
· Independents are below 50%
· Van Jones is in trouble
· Unemployment continues to rise
· The car swap was a bureaucratic mess
· Afghanistan is a mess

What to do? Axelrod says, “Well, let’s go back to the time you were popular; the campaign.”

Here’s the plan:
· Send Biden out to tell people the stimulus package is working
· Make some speeches to large groups.
o Back to school, piped in to every classroom in the nation
o Speech to Congress in prime time

Well, Act 3 is tonight. I can hardly wait.

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