Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Illinois fine senators

Durbin and Burris have both made statements to the press about their ACORN vote.
Please, if you are drinking coffee, put the cup down and swallow before you continue.

Here we go:
"I believe it would be a mistake to pass judgment based on a few isolated incidents," Sen. Roland Burris, a Chicago Democrat, said in a statement Tuesday. "ACORN is a community-based organization that employs thousands of Americans, and they do a lot of good work."

"These videotapes should be investigated. Those who are breaking the rules should be accountable for their misdeeds," Durbin said. "But ACORN provides counseling to thousands of families nationwide that face foreclosures. It's unfair to deprive these people from the help ACORN provides them because of three employees." (Daily Herald 9/16/09)

Say Dick, the count is up to seven employees, all with a penchant for cheating the IRS, encouraging illegal aliens, and condoning prostitution.

And my idea of foreclosure counseling is not to break into the home and take it back by force. Did you forget those ACORN stunts, Dick?

Not to mention the other problems with ACORN.

Perhaps you should listen to the Census Bureau rather than Rahm Emanual.

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