Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama goes to Denmark

It's back to the other side of the Atlantic for Barack Obama and Oprah. He's done well in Germany. Surely he'll be a hit in Denmark as well. If only he were a free agent.

Pitching the Olympics in Chicago.

Well, Rio has a reputation for crime. Then again, Chicago is reeling from a black-on-black beating of a 16-year-old by three or four others. The video shows them using 2x4s as murder weapons.

Every few days another school child is killed on Chicago streets. The media coverage is always the same. Ron Huberman, Chicago Superintendent of Schools, appears and calls it senseless. Mayor Daley either calls for gun control or tells the parents they are at fault.

Then a black Chicago Police officer with lots of ribbons and insignias makes a few remarks.

Sometimes we get Father Pfleger (The Catholic version of Jeremiah Wright) or Jesse Jackson to decry the madness.

All I'm saying is that Chicago isn't exactly a crime-free town.

Then again, South America has been bypassed for the games all these years. (Maybe because it's winter there in August.)

Madrid has had some terrorist attacks. Tokyo's the safest of the four.

Democrats have proven once again that they can't add. Daley has been pitching to Chicago how profitable the games can be, bringing $22 billion into the economy.

An independent review says the real number is around $4 billion if all goes well.

Maybe that's why Chicagoans are divided about 50-50 on the games here.

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