Thursday, September 24, 2009


Candidate Obama spoke much about the need for government to be open and honest with the people. When he won he went to great lengths to put people in government who were assigned to fling open the doors and make this administration transparent.

Here we are eight months in and it is a fair question to ask how Obama is performing.

Well, the other day he pulled a Charlie Gibson on us by saying he didn’t really know much about ACORN. And some of his former friends in the press just simply couldn’t let that slide.

For instance, George Stephanopoulos, Obama’s pal at ABC. You can’t get any more blue than George. He was Communications Director for Bill Clinton. Surely he knew the implications of asking Obama what he thought about the ACORN sting.

Here’s where Obama pulled the Charlie Gibson move. The President said: You know, if -- frankly, it's not really something I've followed closely. I didn't even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.”

Now, George could have held that line of questioning but threw him a rope by changing the subject to Afghanistan.

But others picked up on Obama’s effort to distance himself from ACORN.

The greatest threat here is to the big media outlets. They were proven too loyal to the left and it cost them the story. In the end, they don’t know how to go after the Obama administration.

And the media midgets are scooping them still.

It turns out that Hilda Solis over at the Department of Labor has been working feverishly since she was sworn in to cover up the paper trail of union money in politics. Labor unions must file reports (LM-2s) showing how member dues were used. At first it was “$100,000 for political campaigning”. By 2004, it was “$100,000 to ACORN, 123 Main St, Baltimore for candidate X.” You put that info on-line and add a search function and you’ve got real transparency.

Well….Hilda Solis has been working on administrative measures to hide that dirty information. And ABC News and The New York Times aren’t the ones breaking the story.

This White House is acting foolishly, as though they’d been trained by the Chicago Political Machine. Wait….never mind.

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